Talking to MinnPost About Komen and Planned Parenthood

I talked to Beth Hawkins at MinnPost about the backlash Susan G. Komen for the Cure is receiving in light of their announced plan to discontinue funding to Planned Parenthood.

Komen’s decision on Planned Parenthood divides its supporters — and loses some

Minneapolis engineer Erica Mauter said she learned about the flap “on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus simultaneously.”

‘In keeping with my values’

Mauter has made pledges to friends who have participated in Komen events in the past, but had never given directly to either organization until yesterday. When a friend tweeted about her gift to Planned Parenthood, Mauter, who is known to her tweeps as @swirlspice, was struck.

“I said, ‘That makes sense,’ so I did, too,” she said. “In thinking and talking about this issue in the last couple of days I realized it is in keeping with my values completely.”

One point I’d make that didn’t make it into the story is that the extreme ease of online giving allowed people to respond swiftly in a way that was not just perceivably but actually helpful. It’s always easy to throw money at a problem. However, in this particular case, a funding shortage for Planned Parenthood was a specific result that could be directly addressed. I made my donation to Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota through where I already have an account through which I donate to other Minnesota-based nonprofits.